Pack Facilotab L 10.1 inch WiFi / 3 G + - 32 GB - Android 7 + Support + bag + 2 pens (Tablet simplified for Seniors)


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Good compromise between size and weight - widescreen 10.1 inch - location SIM 3 G + - support aluminum 2 positions

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Facilotab is a simplified allowing Tablet a quick grip. It's a simple and modern equipment with a simplified messaging to send and receive e-mail and photos! Communicate with loved ones becomes a breeze even for beginners in computer science.
Thanks to the simplified and adapted web browserenjoy the serenity of the Internet. The Tablet has a system of filters that protect users of the risks of the web. No bad manipulation is possible!
Finally, all the applications in the Google Store are downloadable on Facilotab tablets. Expand the possibilities of your Tablet for your convenience as well.

Tablet simplified for seniors:

-Screen 10.1 inches (25,65 cm)

-Resolution 1200 x 800 pixels

-Memory 32 GB (port micro SD up to 64 GB)

-All Android app

-System Facilotab installed

-1 housing to insert a SIM card

Weight: 525 g

-Dimensions of the Tablet off-packing (LxWxH): 26cm x 1.1 cm x 16.1 cm

Technical details:

-Output Audio 3.5 mm Jack for connecting headphones or a speaker

-Connector Micro USB to plug in a USB or a computer

-1 front VGA camera and 1 rear 2MP camera

-1 housing for SIM card

Included in the box:

-1 tablet with installed Android and Facilotab systems

-1 charger to recharge the battery of the Tablet (by USB)

-1 USB cable

-1 68 pages in french user guide

-1 guide implementation in road and setting of 40 pages in french

-1 stand in Alu 2 positions, which offers a beautiful tilt and stability to the Tablet

-1 bag with padding foam with a side pocket

-2 pens

Most of Facilotab:

-Simplified and proven to a wide audience system

-Includes free updates of the Facilotab system

-30 minutes of phone support available

-Remote access to the Tablet for relatives are allowed (Installation of applications, management of contacts...)

-No subscription

-Software and application designed and developed in France

Tablet 2 years manufacturer warranty