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Our enterprise

The CDIP team

  • President: Francois
  • Administrative manager: Cedric
  • Customer reception, order tracking, accounting: Nelly, Myriam, Céline
  • Commercial and CDIP press officer : Olivier
  • Commercial : Vanessa
  • Design & development: Anne-Noëlle, Céline, Aouatif, Morgan, Jean-François
  • User support: Philippe, Cécile

Our team

The CDIP (Center for the Development of Personal Computing)

With a team recognized for its competence and creativity, the CDIP has been a major player in genealogy in France for more than 35 years. The CDIP is also a specialist in old cartography and scrapbooking, and also offers a simplified tablet for beginners FACILOTAB.

To know everything about the CDIP

  • The press room : press releases, articles...
  • News on the CDIP blog and on the Généatique blog
  • The Meetings : The CDIP travels constantly in France and also abroad during genealogical events or during creative leisure fairs. Check this page to find out if we are coming to your area.