Have fun with games for Seniors

Easily accessible on the home screen, the games allow you to have fun with games of memory, numbers, letters, geography and speed.

Facilotab games have the advantage of having been specially created for Facilotab: no ads, no links, no mandatory breaks, rules in French, easy handling, etc.

1- Standard games

Facilotab offers you 4 games  AS STANDARD, pre-installed and free on all Facilotab tablets:

Sudoku : grids renewed each time you play again

Mixed words : 3 levels available to increase the difficulty if necessary

Duo Card : the famous memory game. Find a pair of cards with identical patterns

Rapidex : the reflex game. Touch the shape of the right color among the 3 offered

2- Optional games

Facilotab offers 4 additional game packs for sale in the Facilotab store:

Annecy games pack

Annecy - FamiliDuo
Annecy - Imagine
Annecy - Cut Words

BIARRITZ game pack

Biarritz - Completo
Biarritz - Solitaire

Deauville game pack

Deauville - Defimo
Deauville - Proverbia

geoquiz game pack

Department Names and Numbers
Region names and flags
Regional gastronomic specialties
Historical events in regions

How to order ?

To order the 4 game packs (13 games in total), please send your payment of €35 by check, payable to CDIP, and send to CDIP, 25 boulevard de la Paix, 95800 CERGY, France, along with your name, phone number and email address. As soon as your mail is received, we will activate the games and you will receive an electronic message to notify you.

For any questions, contact us on 01 34 39 12 12.

You can also order online by following this link:

Thinking and memory games for Facilotab

3- Other games from the Google Playstore

Facilotab runs on Android.

Therefore, you can install on your tablet absolutely all the games from the Google Playstore that you want, in the Applications section.

But for all these games external to Facilotab, Facilotab disclaims all liability concerning the functioning, the cost and any other element related to the games of the Playstore.

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