Facilotab app privacy policy

Personal data

When the Facilotab application starts, the user’s first and last names are requested, as well as the email address of a contact who will be called the Helper.

The data from the Agenda is saved on the tablet. Each event contains a label, a complete date, a time, a pictogram designating the category of the event, and an indication of the frequency of repetition, as well as comments, a location, a reminder time and a reminder ringtone.

The tablet can store a list of the user’s contacts. This list contains at least one email address for each contact, but can also contain the last name, first name, postal address, date of birth, and a photo or avatar of the contact, according to the user’s wishes.

The list of Internet favorites is also kept with an associated label.

This personal data is also saved on Facilotab’s servers so that it can be restored if you reinstall the tablet. This is also used to allow the caregiver to update this data directly from the facilotab.com web platform. This helper will have to identify himself by his email address and password to connect to the secure interface on the Internet

Electronic messaging

If a GMail account is used for messaging, Facilotab will request authorization to access and send messages through the GMail account.
Messages and attachments are automatically saved on the tablet so that they can be accessed later without an Internet connection.

When a message is prepared through Facilotab’s simplified interface, it is then sent through the GMail account.

Other details

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