Assistance, accompagnement ou formation à l'utilisation de Facilotab View larger

Assistance, support or training in the use of Facilotab

Our team can teach you how to better use Faciltotab and its features, remotely without having to move. 

Time credit can be used in one or several times.

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57,50 €

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 2 heures
  • 3 heures : 2 séances (1 h 1/2) ou 3 séances (1 h)
  • 5 h : 3 séances (1 h 40) ou 5 séances (1h)

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A personalized and individual training

Thanks to the Assistance button on the Tablet, in seconds, the trainer sees your tablet to better help you and train you. It's so training tailor-made with your own tablet.

Formation pour tablette senior tactile

You follow the training at home with your tablet. The conversation is via phone.

Formation pour tablette pour personnes âgées

Screen of the trainer who sees the Tablet and may act like you would you even by touching the buttons.

Some possible examples of support or assistance:

  • Accompany the user to send a message to a loved one
  • Help a user to surf the Internet
  • Teach the user to install a new application
  • Add a shortcut in the list of favorites for the Internet

Contracted assistance must be used in one or several times in the 12 months following the payment. A payment three times is possible.