Facilotab, the easy Tablet for senior citizens

Facilotab, the easy Tablet for senior citizens

A large equipped touchscreen Tablet Android and the Facilotab system. A simple and complete screen at the start of the tablet. One senior Tablet recognized. Facilotab is for all people who want a tablet that is really easy to handle. From €265.00.

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Satisfied or refunded

Satisfait ou remboursé

Facilotab of design and French production. Certified Android tablets.

You have 30 days to quietly introduce the user to Facilotab to its use.

We offer 30 minutes of free phone supportin order to facilitate the start-up of the tablet.

What's in the box Facilotab


And if the user needs assistance?

formateur.jpgFacilotab is equipped with a system that allows remote assistance. The tablet screen can be controlled remotely to install new applications or to help the user in his use of the tablet. Of course, the consent of the user is always asked. This is achieved through the free TeamViewer software, pre-installed on Facilotab. The user and the helper can also contact the CDIP for personalized assistance.

About Facilotab

Discover in video how simplified messaging Facilotab.

A Tablet, what for?

For senior citizens

Seniors in school or at home stay in touch with their loved onesby exchanging messages and photos... It is also a simple access to applications or challenging games for cognitive functions. See article The Tablet for senior citizens. Facilotab also includes theGenealogy application, Geneatique for Tablet.

For loved ones

The era of digital and mobile phones, when we live far, send a message with a photo allows you to avoid isolation and keep contact with seniors who like to receive news from the family.

For professionals serving our seniors

Professionals can use the Tablet for transmitting messages or photos directly to the user: appointment, presentation of available activities, reminders of visits or heat wave recommendation...

Communicate with relatives

Thanks Facilotab, it remains connected with his family...

Tablette tactile facile

Easy Tablet!

A simple and effective way to communicate and play homepage!

Ergonomics and a character size adapted to facilitate reading and vision.

tablette tactile senior - Messagerie

Messaging: communicate!

Easy access to messages to get news of relatives...

A simple viewing messages and photos. Write or answer is very easy.

Visualisation des photos

Photo album

Look at family photos is a breeze thanks to Facilotab!

With a click, you can access the received photos! No record to do, it's automatic...

Have fun and enjoy the internet

Play, use applications and browse the Internet becomes child's play!

Les jeux pour s'amuser

Be entertained

The Tablet has of challenging games for entertainment...

Sudoku, crosswords, games, letters, numbers, logic and speed for fun! Of course, it is possible also to install free games from the Android from Google app store (also called Google Play Store).


Enjoy the internet

Thanks to Facilotab browser, go to a site or perform a search is simple.

Fast access to all sites and the favorites that have been favorite. The big advantage, the home button is always visible to easily return to the home screen of the tablet.

Les applications

Use the applications

An icon gives quick access to applications.

These are selected according to the needs and capabilities of the user. A tablet to measure!

How to choose between the WiFi Tablet and Tablet WiFi + 3G?

WiFi coverage is limited to the presence of a modem like the box of a telephone operator or WiFi point. WiFi uses local wireless for shipping information. It must be however close to a modem or access point.

Mobile internet uses a mobile telephone network (and thus a SIM card provided by your operator) for the transport of information.

If you already have an internet connection, you will use a Tablet WiFi, otherwise need you to choose the model WiFi + 3G and a mobile operator to get a SIM card.



WiFi + 3G


WiFi access point

SIM card with subscription

Where to use?

Near a WiFi access often limited to a building

Anywhere you have your telephone network

Which carrier to choose?

All operators offer a range of subscription ranging from casual use to further use. Some have special offers for tablets like Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom. 3G in your area coverage is a criterion of choice.


Our prices include the eco-participation on all products concerned. Want to recycle your electrical or electronic device for free? Learn more here.