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Facilotabthe solution that simplifies Android tablets, is edited in our French offices in Cergy, Val d’Oise.

Our company, which started out as a family-run business, has just fifteen employees, but has its origins in the voluntary sector. That’s why we’re so proud to be partners with Orange and Samsung, and to have built up a solid reputation over the years, thanks in particular to the efforts our teams have made to ensure the comfort and autonomy of seniors and people with disabilities.

We’re also proud of our commitment to enabling tens of thousands of people to communicate with their families, have fun, access administrative procedures online and telemedicine, thus facilitating home care. home care.

essential to families

It’s an ergonomic and simplifying innovation that proved essential for many families during the Covid crisis. But it’s clear to us that this solution is still needed today, with the massive deployment of this “all-digital” world, which makes certain previously mastered procedures inaccessible, often leaving digital novices isolated and at a loss.

In response to the new purchasing power crisis facing the French, Facilotab’s teams are unveiling new initiatives for the autumn.

François Lerebourg, founder of Facilotab, is determined to combat this digital divide, and is looking to multiply his initiatives to help families. Digital workshops, adaptations for the visually impaired, multilingual versions, synergies with local players…

faire des economies

our actions against inflation and illiteracy

The sale price of our flagship product, the Facilotab Rubis, has dropped from €339 to €299.

We've also thought about appliance recycling, with the Facilotab application on the Google Play Store, which will be FREE for one month and then for €3.99/month instead of €5.99. And if you're not happy with the solution, you can cancel your subscription at any time, or even buy an unlimited version!

The Facilotab team is also launching a donation campaign for associations in France that provide digital training. ALL associations offering computer training courses can apply to the Facilotab team to receive a free license of the FACILOTAB solution for Android tablets, as well as educational content.

Facilotab also offers licenses to equip town halls, CCAS and France Services agencies, enabling eligible structures to organize digital training courses over several months.

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