Adapted tablet and disability

tablette et handicap

Facilotab offers an intuitive, tailored digital world, designed for digital novices.

But it has also proven to be an effective aid in supporting the independence of disabled people of all ages!

instinctive, adaptable interface

– Text size setting from 20 to 50,

– 3 levels of simplification,

– Call shortcuts,

– Impossible to make false manipulations,

– Customized tools for safe, independent learning,

– Presence of adapted fonts (AMD, dyslexia…),

– Access to a help desk from the tablet,

– Several display modes adapted to vision problems…

thème fort contraste

acquire autonomy

The caregiver or parent can block access to the tablet’s configuration, thus limiting false manipulations. In this way, the user can’t modify the interface, add or remove applications, and so on. Once the tablet has been configured and adapted, users can easily navigate and discover the interface on their own, without any risk of getting stuck.

The interface also offers 3 levels of simplification that the caregiver can use to manage the user’s learning process. Level 1 requires little interaction with the tablet, and features a simplified keyboard, level 2 offers more options for using Facilotab, while level 3 allows full use of the tablet.

You can also choose the shortcuts you want to place on the home page. start gradually.

Facilitate access to whatsapp andC...

Between the number of contacts and the number of existing communication applications, we found it difficult to ask family and friends to install yet another application, just for one contact… So we simply simplified access to Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger etc. with a visual contact directory containing actions described in words!

interface repertoire de contacts

Searching for a contact is easy, thanks to clear identification, with photo and name highlighted.

Repertoire de contacts Facilotab

Each possible action is described in full. You can select the actions to be displayed.

To take things a step further, you can also place a direct call button on the main screen.

bouton d'appel direct

write easily

Audio playback of messages, ideal for people with reading difficulties.

– In the same vein, the message dictation function allows users to avoid writing on the keyboard.

– An anti-tampering system prevents people with neuro-degenerative diseases from being falsely manipulated.

– Ultra-simplified, anti-shock keyboard, whether alphabetic or AZERTY

– Voice messages can be recorded and sent

stimulate and learn

jeux Facilotab

The Facilotab interface contains games specially designed to stimulate and entertain users, with no unwanted advertising, no time limits and easy-to-use rules.

In its basic version, the interface includes 4 games: a Sudoku, a word scramble, a memory game and a speed game. A pack of 13 additional games can be added:    Memory, skill, speed, logic and general knowledge games, all adapted to simplified use.

And of course, you can download all kinds of applications, such as those recommended by your occupational therapist.


Natalia Lecler
Natalia LeclerOccupational therapist
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In addition to the intended use for our customers, we have found that Facilotab is also suitable for patients with moderate cognitive impairment, enhancing their general knowledge and severe cognitive impairment as a means of communication and activity, thanks to its adapted and highly intuitive tactile use with no risk of failure.
Fabrice R.
Fabrice R.
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We've just bought Facilotab for my mom, who's 78 and has a right-arm disability, and to our great surprise it only took her a few hours to get to grips with her new equipment. I just chatted with her, and she was in the middle of a game of wordsearch!
Karli W.
Karli W.
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Tablet bought for my 88-year-old mother in an Ehpad who wanted to surf the Internet. It's her first computer experience, my mom's in her right mind and the tablet is really easy to use. Being handicapped by polyarthrosis, I took the styli from him. Mom plays word games and exchanges messages with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She's delighted with her tablet!
Céline G.
Céline G.
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The tablet was for a person with severe osteoarthritis of the hands. Thanks to this, she can call the family more easily than with a telephone, where pressing the buttons is difficult, and she can even see them! Having no digital experience, it was easy to get the hang of. The games are also a great discovery.
Marie M.
Marie M.
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Very easy to use and adapted to the purpose we had in mind, i.e. to stimulate a person with Alzheimer's disease. Game packs are interesting in this context. Handling is really easy.
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Perhaps we need to go beyond the qualification of the Facilotab.... tablet, which enables all those who have difficulties with the Internet but also cell phones, etc.... We've just given it to our disabled adult daughter.... and it's a success!
tablette et handicap

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