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The holiday season is fast approaching. It’s time to think seriously about preparing the Christmas gifts you’re going to give to your loved ones, so you don’t have to run around the stores on the morning of December 24 looking for the missing gift.

If you too have ever asked Grandma or Grandpa what would make them happy and they said “I don’t need anything” or “keep your money”, this article is for you! Of course, there is no question of listening to them, let’s rather take advantage of this Christmas 2022 to see them and pamper them!

Here is our selection:

a tablet

It is increasingly difficult to live completely cut off from the Internet and digital technology. But some of our elders, who were born and have lived a very large part of their lives without all these new technologies, sometimes have a hard time getting interested in them and taking control of these new tools. The purchase of a tablet is a substantial budget, but by proposing the idea to several relatives you can divide the cost.

The Facilotab interface has been designed by professionals to help novices take control of their lives with this tool that allows them to exchange messages with family and friends, make video calls with those who are far away or too busy to visit them often, it also helps people stay at home with shopping or administrative procedures online.

99 € for the system alone

299 € for the Ruby version (tablet + system)

Tablette facilotab Rubis

A dry hot water bottle

A dry hot water bottle, unlike the hot water bottles of our grandmothers, has the particularity of storing heat in “dry” materials such as seeds or pits. Ideal to fight against the cold and the cervical, abdominal and muscular pains. It will be ready in a few minutes for those who have a microwave, otherwise it is enough to put it on a radiator or a stove. Easy to use, no more risk of scalding while filling the hot water bottle. They come in all colors and shapes. If you have some notions of sewing you can even make it yourself with rice, wheat or cherry pits. The smaller the seeds, the longer they retain heat. And add a few grains of lavender for fun …

About 20 €.

bouillotte sèche

A personalized object

With the Internet, there is no shortage of personalized gift ideas, so it’s up to you to choose: Mug with a photo of the grandchildren, engraved cheese board, personalized bottle of wine, photo bauble… Our grandparents love to receive this kind of attention and it’s pretty easy to do! You need either one or more photos, or a visual with a small message. For this you can use a software like Studio-Scrap, a very accessible layout software that offers many possibilities and a large database of illustrations or a site like, by creating yourself a design or searching in the templates of the category “Customized prints”, site accessible by simple registration. Of course you are quickly limited by the free version, but you can make a sensation and get a completely customized object. Once your design is created, you just have to export it in png and import it on the website you have chosen.

A talking watch

As we age and our eyesight diminishes or our light levels are reduced, it can be difficult to read the time on the hands of a watch. But did you know that there are talking watches adapted for the visually impaired? A push of a button and a voice announces the time clearly and audibly. They are offered in several models and look like classic analog watches. This way, Grandma or Grandpa won’t be bothered by wearing an unsightly object or learning a digital version.

Site allErgo about 40 €.

montres parlantes

An assortment of sweets

How about spoiling your parents or grandparents by giving them little treats, their favorite sweets for example? It is always a pleasure and in this period we find boxes of all kinds of assortments, there is for all tastes and all budgets. And for the most creative (or the most broke) think home-made! Find a beautiful box or decorate one, and fill it with Grandma’s favorite chocolates, homemade cookies, Grandpa’s favorite candies, a varied selection of teas or herbal teas, local sausages and pâtés… Everything is possible and it can be customized!

Between 30 and 70 €.

cadeau assortiments chocolats

An outing to a restaurant

Our elders have less opportunity to go out than we do. In retirement, and with mobility becoming difficult, opportunities are becoming increasingly rare. A certain routine sets in and today their outings are limited to the bank or the supermarket. So why not, as a gift, take them to a restaurant, they will love the opportunity to spend time with you while enjoying a delicious meal that for once, they won’t have to make. No more washing up or tidying up the kitchen, it’s a real day of relaxation and pleasure in your company. This is a change from their daily life, and they will enjoy a gastronomy that will change them from their usual food…

Between 40 and 100 € per person


A reading support cushion

For seniors, reading is often one of the leisure activities still possible. It is a moment of relaxation and escape which, in addition, keeps their minds alert. The problem often comes when health starts to decline, it sometimes becomes difficult to hold the book or carry it in a bed or in a chair. And sitting down to read at the table is not necessarily more comfortable. And when discomfort or pain arrives, they no longer enjoy their reading as they would like. So why not try the support cushion? Designed to allow those who wish to read or consult their tablet without getting tired, because the cushion holds it for them thanks to an adjustable ruler. Reading becomes easy and painless again.

39 €


A subscription to an audio book application

As mentioned, reading is one of the few hobbies that our seniors can still do without problems and that they particularly enjoy, but it can become complicated. So another solution to keep them active and avoid fatigue: offer them a subscription to an audio book application. With a wide range of books, classified by genre, the application offers selections based on your latest readings, new releases, genre … Very easily, they can search for an author, a title, put the tablet or phone and listen quietly.

About 9 €/month (one book)

A homemade gift

A gift from the heart doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be appreciated. We suggest you make a gift yourself that will be greatly appreciated. For example: prepare a “message jar” with your children! Get a large enough jar or box that you can decorate, with paint, ribbon, string. Place messages to be picked throughout the year (52 for example, one per week), it can be declarations of love, proverbs, jokes, a memory…

Between 0 and 15 €.

cadeau bocal à messages

An indoor vegetable garden

Your grandparents are fond of gardening but age is forcing them to give up this activity little by little? A perfect gift for gardeners who can’t get down or who don’t have a garden anymore: an indoor vegetable garden kit. Thanks to a ready-made lighting and container system that doesn’t take up too much space, they will be able to plant cherry tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, herbs, etc. all year round in their kitchen.

Between 65 € and 150 €.

cadeau potager

How about a group effort?

Some of these Christmas gifts are a bit expensive. So why not get together to give together, by creating a common pot with cousins, brothers and sisters, or simply by sharing the cost. There are websites that organize online kitty pools at no additional cost.

Here is our selection of 10 original ideas to inspire you in your Christmas shopping.

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday.



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