Nothing more important than the family

Lucille/ 13 May 2021/ News

Today we are celebrating the International Day of Families! In a way, no matter how we celebrate this day, the important thing is to be reunited as a family. Whether it is face to face or thanks to new technologies we can celebrate this day together.

The family, an invaluable value

Family ties are precious threads that must be cherished throughout our lives. Our family has always known us, they have seen us grow, change and evolve to become what we are today. It represents love and attachment to our roots.

Today, despite the presence of the cell phone, it is very easy to lose contact with our families because of distance, work or even a busy daily life.

Fortunately, we can always stay connected thanks to Sunday meals or the Friday evening “aperitif video”. Everything is a good way to talk and see your loved ones. Here are some methods Facilotab offers you to keep in touch with your family.

Family meals: it’s the essential way to get together, what better than a good family recipe to warm hearts and bonds. While eating we discuss our daily life, we share our memories and what would a family meal be without the little joke that will make everyone laugh? All this animation around a table makes these meals unforgettable. It is always a real pleasure to have dinner with the family!

Create groups on social networks : More and more families are creating groups on social networks so that they can take news, discuss, share photos and events. WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber have become the hottest apps for creating family groups and easily chatting.

Organize family video calls; Of course, video calls have been used a lot more recently and have made it easier for us to stay in touch with our families.

Did you know that there are free systems that allow you to reach your loved ones very easily?

You have for example Duo or Skype which are widely used to communicate

Email, SMS : You haven’t heard from a parent for a long time? Can’t find the time to call her? And are you far from your loved ones? Text messages, emails and chats will help you stay in touch. You can talk about your daily life, what you ate, the good weather, exchange photos and much more.

Family isn’t just important, it’s EVERYTHING. Let’s celebrate our families every day with little gestures like a postcard, flowers, messages, a call, and you will feel the joy in their hearts through their smiles.

Distance is no longer an obstacle, Facilotab helps you keep in touch with your loved ones.