How to remotely help a Facilotab tablet user

You’d like to help, or have someone help you. Here’s how to get remote assistance from the Facilotab tablet.

1 Select the remote assistance application on the Facilotab tablet

On the Facilotab tablet, choose Teamviewer’s QuickSupport application. This application is already installed when you receive the tablet.

  • You need to have installed the Facilotab update, which brings up an Assistance button on the home screen.
  • The user must press Assist.
  • Then press Remote help via a relative.
  • Press Start Assistance.

2 Start remote assistance on the Facilotab tablet

  • The application launches.
  • An identifier (ID) appears, a sequence of numbers. These are the numbers that you must be given if you help , or that you must give if we help you.

3 Launching the application by the caregiver

  • The caregiver downloads TeamViewer free of charge, depending on his or her support (Windows PC, Mac, tablet, etc.).
  • Download TeamViewer
  • Once TeamViewer has been downloaded, launch the software.
  • In the Control a remote computer section, enter the ID indicated by your relative.
  • Click on Connect to a partner

4 Getting to grips with the tablet

  • Once the above points have been completed, a message appears on the tablet “Do you want to authorize remote support of your mobile device by XXX?
  • The tablet user must press Authorize and then Start.

  • After a few moments, Facilotab is quickly relaunched and the home screen appears at .
  • All set! The caregiver can show you how it’s done
  • The tablet user can also use it to show a screen, for example.

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